dumping the drawings i did for kai for our two year friendship anni!!

happy late birthday to the chihiro to my nanami!

miqo’te snow and serah as a happy late birthday to my serah twin!!

sorry so much xiii spam lately ahhh

sdfsdg karusae \o/

Anonymous said: you DONT need to tag character tags on shipping posts! please be respectful


I got tagged
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cut cut! \o/

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Anonymous said: hi! I'm just wondering if you watched the Sword Art Online Extra Edition and if you liked it or not??

hello! yes i watched it!! i was not expecting much since i knew it was going to be 90% recaps anyway aha but i still enjoyed it esp since i got to see more undine!asuna best

kiss meme with noerah \(^^\)

messy xiii otp doodles