happy late birthday to the tsumiki to my nanami 
sorry for being so late!! thanks for being my friend i love youu

i just wanted to draw xion again

Anonymous said: Do you still ship Sora x Naminé? There's so little fan work of any kind for them so seeing your art work always made me super happy and I was just wondering since it seems like you've stopped drawing them. Not that you have to! I know you're busy with UC and all and shipping preferences always change so if you've stopped shipping them that's understandable! I just wanted to know.

this is so late im sorry but hello yes i still do ship it!! i just haven’t been drawing much kh in general tho i do miss it hmm

Anonymous said: Just letting you know that your rikai fanart made me ship them so hard!!!!!!!

omg yes good!! just as planned

Anonymous said: Hello! I was wondering what happened to your Noerah/Vanihopu drawings? You are my favorite artist for those two ships so I regret not being able to save them before they disappeared. ;_;

hello! ahh sorry, i was pretty grossed out by how the vh fandom was acting so i kind of dont want anything to do with it anymore and took it all off my blog
the noerahs i posted with vh are gone too as a result ;;

senpaiiiiii /////

yukari and rise!
my favourite persona girls hnng

dumping the drawings i did for kai for our two year friendship anni!!

happy late birthday to the chihiro to my nanami!

miqo’te snow and serah as a happy late birthday to my serah twin!!